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We specialize in marketing East Bay homes to
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Our marketing is designed to provide the detailed information that homebuyers need to feel comfortable making extraordinary offers on our listings. It's an immense amount of effort, but pays off bountifully for our sellers

Here's the marketing we did for 670 Santa Rosa, Berkeley:
Our marketing generated 14 offers for our sellers... and our negotiation skills earned them additional $50,000 after the offers were first presented! Click on the 670 Santa Rosa, Thousand Oaks, Berkeley link to see our marketing in action!

Marketing Which Sells The Sizzle:
We focus on what makes your home and neighborhood unique... and special. This description sure is appealing, isn't it?

"You'll love the great views and secluded, peaceful feel of this Spanish Mediterranean home in Berkeley's Thousand Oaks neighborhood. It's a warm, comfortable home with unique character... and lots of wood and craftsman details. It's a pleasure to come home... just stroll down the front path... and walk under the ancient oak tree."

We think so too!

Neighborhood Links:
We've found that buyers focus on neighborhood first, and then make offers on the best neighborhood home in their price range. We've created extensive web pages highlighting what we love about each community... the bookstores, cafes, parks, restaurants, movie theaters, and more! We've created neighborhood links for each East Bay neighborhoods... here's what we did for Thousand Oaks, Berkeley

360 Degree Virtual Tours:
We hire a videographer to take interior/exterior "virtual tour" of your home. This extraordinary technology converts video images to seamless panoramic views of your home, so home buyers get excited about seeing your home. Here's the virtual tour we did for 670 Santa Rosa

Digital Photography:
We take extensive digital photos of each home, highlighting the details which make your home unique. Take a look at these photos of the home's wonderful details.

We create a map for each listing, showing how to get to your home. Buyers can't buy it if they can't find it! Here's a sample map.

Full Color Reports in Adobe Acrobat Format:
More and more buyers have access to color printers. Our full color flyers can be downloaded to their home computer and printed out at their home or office.

Scanned Disclosures and Reports:
We scan or digitize all the disclosures on your home... all 50-80 pages... and upload it to our web site. Buyers LOVE having the information available at their convenience... any time they want to see it. It's available 24x7 ... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! That's not all... we also also copy a dozen (or more!) sets for people to review.

Our disclosures include General Contractor Reports, Pest/Termite Reports (Sample Page 1), Earthquake Reports, and even a Parcel Map!

Testimonials From Delighted Buyers & Sellers

"We were impressed with your thoroughness. You included many things in the offer which you made for us that protected us as buyers, so we were impressed with the skill with which you represented us< You seem to have the ability to help us put the purchase in proper perspective with other things in our lives. I think you may be part psychologist"
Richard Austin, Thousand Oaks, Berkeley

"Your depth of experience and thoroughly professional manner was a terrific benefit during the negotiations. If you and Carol hadn't been faxing, and FedEx'ing and hand delivering so many documents hither and yon, the close of escrow would have been at least two weeks later. I was amazed to find out that you had written records of all 98 of your phone calls on the transaction. What an asset that would have been if something had gone wrong. Only the most professional and best organized Realtors will be able to remain competitive in the future. Your team epitomizes that future"
Douglas & Pat Donaldson, Environmental Planning Consultant/Teacher, Albany

"This is supposed to be a 'slow' market, but we received two excellent offers almost immediately, and we ended up getting more than our asking price.... you were able to close the sale in only 3 weeks. You kept us informed every step of the way. Your follow-up and attention to detail is outstanding"
Ann & Mick Parent, Interior Designer/Financial Officer, Thousand Oaks, Berkeley

"We truly appreciated the way you looked after even the smallest detail and kept us informed... I don't believe I've ever dealt with a Realtor who is as conscientious as you are in not only making sure that the transaction went through properly, but also that all the after-sale details such as the termite work were carried out as stipulated"
Irene & Ky Katsumoto, Administrative Assistant/Research Scientist, El Cerrito

"We interviewed other Realtors, however your professionalism, knowledge, and clear presentation of current market conditions separated you from the rest. Deborah and I really enjoyed the experience and we appreciated having you on our side to explain the intricacies of the process.

The two RE/MAX agents you referred to use were also excellent choices...they also demonstrated the dedication and interest in their work that you both possess. We've been very impressed with the RE/MAX organization and the people that make it successful"
John, Deborah & Jennifer Lane FDIC Supervisor, Pinole

"We are former clients of Ira and Carol. They helped us buy our first home. We cannot say enough about them. They were wonderful and we would not hesitate to go back to them.

They have a great amount of knowledge and expertise. We had done extensive research and footwork on our own. Time and time again they came up with the same answers and conclusions we had. Further, they are very honest. Because of this straightforwardness, we trusted them implicitly. Being busy professionals, we appreciated the fact that they always kept in touch. Even with the unexpected glitches and surprises, they contacted us well in advance so we could make a level-headed decision.

Finally, we still rave about how they helped us find our dram home. We were not easy customers, being very selective. They were sensitive to our needs while keeping us realistic. Ira and Carol are superlative real estate professionals. We highly recommend that you use their services"
Nora Wong and Roger Spencer, Attorneys, Berkeley Hills

"We would like to thank both of you for making our first home buying experience pleasant and hassle free. We were amazed how quickly you found a home that matched our needs, at a price we could afford. Compared to the agent we first had in the City who dragged us around to at least 30 homes that didn't suit our needs, your speed and efficiency in finding our new home was exceptional...We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for an agent to buy or sell their home."
Susan Gal & Jim Orton, Illustrator/Manager, SF Telecom, Kensington

"The first time through the process is more than a little mystifying for any new home buyer. Your explanations and advice left us confident that we were making the right decision at each turn. From negotiating the purchase price to hand delivering the closing documents, we alway got your prompt personal attention... you always made us feel as though we came first. The terms you managed to negotiate for us made this first home truly 'affordable.' Although we have no plans of moving in the near future, you can bet that if we do, you'll be the first person we contact. Thanks again!"
Laura & Christopher Craft, Attorney/Professor, Thousand Oaks, Berkeley

"Thanks for all your hard work and patience in helping us to buy our first home. We were especially impressed by your efficiency, effectiveness, and teamwork. John liked Ira's computer approach and Carol's late night MLS computer update or we would have never seen this house. We're really happy about our purchase...at night...under the stars...grinning while thinking about the house...in the hot tub."
Shirley Lee & John Le Blanc, Administrator/Forestry Consultant, El Cerrito

"Thank you for lifting me out of a depression that had been ongoing since I placed my mother's house up for sale with another Realtor. I was promised the benefit of their experience...the reality was quite different.

I called the Realtor numerous times with messages being taken and too few call backs. I never really knew what status the house was in. The three offers that came through were all flawed and fell apart. I was led to believe that it would take years before the house would sell because of the 'market' I was thrown into a deep dark depression. After all I was selling a family home and many childhood memories.

After over a year on the market, I turned to you. You have given me peace of mind. You and Carol have treated me with respect and never once misrepresented what you would do for me. You advised me of all that you had done and would be doing. My mother would be pleased that the sale was handled by true professionals and most of all, by people who cared about my needs not just as the seller, but as a person.

After my past experience, that means more to me than you can imagine."
Judy Lynn Hedberg, Administrator

"It turned out to be more complicated than any of us expected... you were intelligent and imaginative in suggesting strategies and getting things done. You were skillful in setting the price and handling the offers... attentive and persistent in seeing the process through... we especially appreciated your upbeat energy and sense of humor throughout"
Peter Dodge, FAIA, Architect, Esherick Homsey Dodge and Davis, San Francisco

"I have been an investor in real estate for 25 years, dealing with many different real estate agents... you are one of the best I have dealt with. You are knowledgeable, persistent, practical, and patient"
Gideon Sorokin, Veterinarian, Mill Valley

"Thanks for the very professional job you did in handling the complicated transaction... your superiority in communications is a leading factor in your success... your honesty, integrity, and character make you stand out"
Paula Campbell, Ph.D., Professor & Chair of Dept. of Communication Arts, San Francisco

"Thank you for speaking at both the San Francisco and San Diego Home Buyers and Sellers Fairs. We had an excellent turn out, and many of the attendees commented on the quality of the speakers. Thank you again for your contribution"
Bradley Inman, Nationally Syndicated Real Estate Columnist

"Every time it looked like it just couldn't work, it seems that you came up with a suggestion or a counter that re-established communications. I was impressed by your abilities and knowledge of the field and your insight into identifying the crucial issues upon which the deal would stand or fall"
David A. Brown, Attorney, El Cerrito

"You succeeded in doing something - namely selling our building - where others had previously failed. Your perseverance, helpful advice, and professional manner kept us confident in your ability to sell our property when we might have otherwise given up"
Nancy & Larry Lewellen, Mortgage Broker/Computer Engineer, San Francisco

"When we decided to buy a home in Berkeley, a Realtor-friend in Salinas referred us to Ira and Carol, who took the time to listen to us, to get to know our needs and our unique situation. They carefully screened and selected properties to show us at our convenience, which was very important to us. They kept us informed at all times with prompt, clear and detailed communication by phone, fax or both. Their negotiation skills and sound knowledge of real estate helped us to acquire the property we wanted at the best possible price.

Even after close of escrow, Ira and Carol have followed through on minor matters that have needed attention. They have truly earned their commission and we know we can trust them to help us again when we need a Realtor"
Amjad & Najma Noorani, Physical Therapist, Salinas

"It is always a pleasure to meet a professional like yourself...one who comes complete with anticipated knowledge intact, with experience deep enough to rely on, and with a sense of humor that suggests a genuine enjoyment of people and the job at hand (humor that is not simply a mask for ineptitude.) Which is to say: We enjoyed you and your seminar at Nolo Press and have already been able to put your good advice to use. All without the usual 'bum's rush' sales pitch and the normal pabulum passed out as worth platitudes"
Carl and Jeannie Perkins, Oakland

"When my sister died, leaving me to complete the sale of her property, I was very fortunate that you were the listing broker. I did not have any knowledge of the property and lived in Davis, an hour's drive away.

Your suggestions and counteroffers and negotiations were practical, sensible, and ultimately successful in producing a sale that I believe was in the best interest of my sister's heir's.

I do not believe anyone could have done a better job"
Ruth Uy-Asmundson, School Board Director, Davis

"I know how difficult it is having to sell one piece of property that has four different owners, all living in different cities, and sometimes with different minds. Your willingness and ability to coordinate all of our needs and efforts, the extra time you took in tracking us down, and your patience and wisdom helped to not only make the deal but to make it a good experience.

Both Judy and I appreciated not only the consummation of the deal, but your obvious dedication to personal ethics and the high degree of professionalism you brought. Your good sense of humor was an extra bonus not normally included in the usual commission structure.

Ira, you were worth every penny"
Paul and Judy Berg Psychologist/Nurse, Oakland

"Thank you for the fantastic job you did in selling or properties. We know that this was only possible due to your expertise in marketing, advertising, and comprehensive research. We thank you for the professional way in which you handled all aspects of the transaction and for keeping us well informed at all times.

It was great listening to you on your radio show. Your vast knowledge of Real Estate and other subjects is limitless, and it's very obvious you have a high degree of expertise in all areas."
Mike and Carmella Boschetti, Special Education Aide/Supervisor, Pinole

"The neighborhood is the one I wanted to live and to raise my daughter Nikki in. The house is one I can afford and feel comfortable in. When the creek is running and the pine out back is making wonderful 'whooshing" sounds in the breeze - which is most of the year - I look out my back door and feel like I'm in my 'house in the country' and not in the East Bay.

I was afraid that as a single mother, I'd have to abandon the small town I love, El Cerrito. Your careful search of the price range I could afford, the quality of home I needed, and the neighborhood I wanted to remain in enabled me to put in an offer on a house that I love where I knew my daughter and I could be happy"
Sandy Coury, Nolo Press Bookstore Manager, El Cerrito

"Thank you for helping us find our new home. We were extremely pleased with your services throughout the purchase process.

You patiently helped us prioritize the features we wanted, then carefully selected homes to show us that best fit our price range, neighborhoods, and features.

You helped us work with he contractors to evaluate the work needed to beautify our house and negotiated a substantial - $15,000 - price reduction from the seller for needed repair. Even at the last minute you suggested a final discount while we were ready to accept the sellers' last offer, and above that negotiated a rent-back that was very favorable to us"
Andre and Andi Fargeix, Economic Consultant/Medical Economics Analyst, Albany

"Buying one's first home can be a frightening experience. Finding a home that met the needs, emotional and physical, of three generations of family seemed like an impossible feat. But, you did it! To find it, to close, and to move in within three weeks certainly helped eliminate the feeling of anxiety for all of us"
Margaret Hackett, Hospital Administrator - Berkeley

"Thank you for providing information regarding your recent sale. We depend on knowledgeable brokers for market information and we could not do our job properly without you."
Kathleen Kragen, Appraiser

"Thank you so much for another excellent presentation you made to the CRS Chapter meeting. Every time I hear you speak, I learn something new. I sincerely appreciate all of your help, effort, energy, work above and beyond the call of duty, and your sincere presentations. It's pros like you that truly make being a CRS a member benefit"
Dan Marchand, Realtor - Chapter of the Northern California CRS Chapter

"Thank you for sharing your ideas with SOLD! We chose you as a subject for an article because you are a respected member of your real estate community; your thoughts and tips will be of invaluable assistance to your colleagues. I'm proud of the way you were featured in the inaugural issue of SOLD!, and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help"
Marc Weiss, Editor, SOLD! Magazine

Directions, Mapping, Navigating & Feedback
Mapping! The best route to get there from your home, and an interactive map of any street address. Ira & Carol..show me how I can buy a home in this pleasant neighborhood! Send Email or call 800/887-6668 or 510/526-6668!
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Almost all our clients have been referred to us by their friends, family, local neighborhood Realtor, or found us on the Internet. One of the nice benefits of a referral based business is that we get to work with people who are motivated, financially qualified, highly educated, decisive, pleasant, and have interesting backgrounds (one client won a Gold medal at the Olympics). What's particularly rewarding is how many of our buyers and sellers have become friends.

If you're planning to buy or sell a home, we'd appreciate the opportunity to show you how you'll benefit from our services. And, if you know a friend, neighbor, or family member who is buying, selling, or relocating anywhere in the United States, we'll be happy to check our extensive database of highly qualified Realtors and refer you to a great local Realtor. Send us an Email or fill out this form

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