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You'll have access to ALL homes in the area...not just those listed by our company When you hire us, you'll select from all homes which meet your needs. You'll profit from our buyer brokerage services no matter which company's real estate sign is in the yard! This is important - some agents only show homes listed by their own office.

Do you want to know where you can get the best 2 bedroom home for $250,000 (or $175,000)? Do you have a budget for a $500,000 home? This link will show you the best neighborhoods for your budget!

Take a look all homes on the market. You'll find information on our own listings, all homes on the East Bay Regional Multiple Listing System, maps to help you navigate around, and even the San Francisco Examiner Open House advertisements!

See what's out there, then call us to have the best representation possible...or a free referral to a great Realtor in your area. Be sure to let us know your name, address, and phone numbers. Call us Toll Free at 888/Buy-Berkeley [888/289-2375]

Visiting from other areas? We even have California and Nationwide Links!

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You'll receive great service with our Buyer Brokerage Program Great Real Estate service means much more than just finding a home - there's a LOT of work which goes into preparing and presenting your offer, making sure the home is in great shape, and solving all the many problems which arise. Here's just a few of the services included in our Buyer Brokerage Program
You'll learn the right price for the home!

Don't overpay for your home. Be sure you receive a detailed market analysis and review all neighborhood sales before making that offer!

Here's what a Comparative Market Analysis - CMA - looks like. You'll need to download your Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it. Our Market Analysis is free... and backed up by our extensive knowlege how the homes compare to one another, market trends, and seller concessions..

Stewart Title Company will sell you a simplified analysis of homes which have sold near the one you're considering. Their Real Estate Comparable Sales site might be worth checking out, though it has limited information, and no data on property condition, market trends, or seller concessions.

Remember....knowing the right price is only one component of a successful home purchase. You'll have a strong advocate on your side when you have Ira & Carol Serkes as your Buyer Broker.

You'll work with the Realtor who wrote the Nolo Press book How To Buy A House In California! Ira Serkes is co-author of the Nolo Press book "How To Buy A House In California".

Our book has already helped over 39,295 California home buyers! Call Ira & Carol Serkes and profit from higher expertise on your next real estate transaction.

You'll find out about the neighborhoods in Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito, North Oakland - Rockridge, and Emeryville

Find out what makes our neighborhoods so special. Check out the East Bay Neighborhood & Community Resource Page.

We'll show you which communities have the best schools... the secret commuter routes to Sybase, Chiron, Bayer, Geoworks or The University of California... the best Restaurants, Cafe Latte, Pizza or Cambodian food...where to let your dog run free!

Take advantage of our local knowledge - we've lived in Berkeley over 20 years, and know the neighborhoods! Tell us what your real estate needs are.

You'll be so delighted you'll write extraordinary testimonial letters and rave about our service to your friends and family! We've dozens of letters from our buyers and seller who have raved about our knowledge, skills, expertise, and easy going manner. See what others buyers and sellers say about our service.

Here's what the letters and happy clients look like. Turn off auto-loading of images, because this page loads slowly.

Home Sellers - Hire us and sell for more money in less time!

You'll have Realtors with a strong track record selling neighborhood homes and excellent National credentials Many buyers select an agent without knowing that most agents have very limited experience. In fact, 56% of the local Realtors ONLY SOLD ONE HOME in Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, or El Cerrito between January and June of 1996!

Only 3 agents (out of 395) sold 12 or more homes - and we're included in that select group.

Here are some important questions to ask before selecting the right Realtor to use. Don't risk working with an agent who only has the experience to complete one sale in 6 months - you don't want to be the buyer they practice on.

Call us and profit from our extensive experience and effectively negotiate for the best price and terms.

Both Ira & Carol Serkes have the Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) designation! Only 4% of the Realtors in the United States have been certified by the National Association of Realtors as a CRS.

You'll know which qualities to expect from a Realtor Here are the qualities you should demand from your Realtor! Be sure to ask for referrals and testimonial letters. Don't risk working with one of the 80% of Realtors who only sold 4 or fewer homes last year!
You'll receive free referrals to Realtors all over the country who know their neighborhoods Moving elsewhere? If you're relocating anywhere else in the United States or Canada, we'll put you in contact with another Realtor who knows their neighborhood.

Take advantage of our database of highly qualified realtors in the U.S. and Canada! Fill out this form for a free referral to a great Realtor!

So, if you're moving from Boston, MA to Santa Barbara, let us know what you want . We'll check our huge database of knowledgeable, friendly Realtors and put you in touch with them.

You'll enjoy working with us and we're fluent in several languages Yup...people enjoy working with us.

Ira speaks Bronxese, New Yorkish, Spanish, Macintosh, PDP-8 Machine Language, and Fortran. He also studied Hebrew and Arabic, but found that he was a better Realtor than linguist. Carol was born in Newcastle-On-Tyne in England, so speaks American English reasonably well. We're the British - Yiddish team!

You'll be with Realtors who enjoy life

Ira & Carol Serkes - The Bronx, Newcastle, Cooper Union & Trains!

A story by Ira's Mom, Adele Serkes (now in her 80's) written in her spry 60's - A Day In The Life of Two Ladies over 65 going on 25 Years Of Age.

Sedge Thomson's West Coast Live Radio Show - Saturdays 10 AM to Noon - KALW 91.7 FM - a GREAT Radio Show! Ira took some Digital Photos with of Martin Cruz Smith, William Kennedy, Marga Gomez, and Lucy Kaplansky (and others) with his new camera at the 1 Jun 96 show. All JPEG images so they're FAST!

You'll find us easy to reach You'll have complete confidentiality of your phone calls, FAXes, and Email transmissions because all communications go directly to our private office.

Call our confidential personal business lines Toll-Free nationwide at 800/887-6668, 888/Buy-Berkeley [888/289-2375] or 510/526-6668. Send FAXes to 510/524-6869.

We meet clients by appointment at RE/MAX Bay Area, 1758 Solano Avenue in Berkeley's lovely Thousand Oaks neighborhood.

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