Real Estate Buyer Brokerage

Real Estate Buyer Brokerage

Is Saving BIG $$$ On
Your Next Home Purchase Important??
Then Read On About The Benefits Of Buyer Brokerage

Now that we have your attention, check out the following: a 1992 study by U.S. Sprint found that of their relocating employees, those who used a traditional agent paid 96.5% of a seller's asking price. But those using Buyer Brokerage paid only 91.0% - a savings of 5.5%! On a property listed for $250,000, that's a gain to you the buyer of $13,750! We're just guessing here, but are there a few things you could do with $13,750?

When buying a home, the big question in your mind should be "Who represents my interests?"

You thought you knew? Hold on - you're in for a shock. You may be very surprised to find out that the nice real estate agent who's a friend of your sister and who showed you several homes was actually working for - the seller! Or that the person holding that open house never disclosed they they're a "dual" agent (an agent acting for both the seller and the buyer in a real estate transaction)!

California disclosure laws about representation have leveled the playing field for buyers somewhat, but the potential for conflict of interest is still very strong. The way we see it, part of our job is educating you, the real estate services consumer. We feel there needs to be a higher level of home buyer consumer awareness about representation than currently exists.

That's why Buyer Brokerage is so important to us. It means a level of service to our buyer clients unmatched by the traditional ways of doing real estate transactions. Our service takes place in the context of a contractual, legal obligation of the highest fiduciary duty to you the buyer - and only you.

In addition to seeing homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), you'll also have access to homes traditional agents wouldn't typically show you for fear of losing a commission - homes sold "by owner" (FSBO) and homes which might not be on the market.

Want the most advantageous negotiating position in your next home purchase? Want to learn more information about the benefits of exclusive buyer representation? Call or E-mail us now!

And just keep thinking
$13,750 - $13,750 - $13,750

Ira Serkes, GRI, CRS - Certified Residential Specialist, co-author of Nolo Press' "How To Buy A House In California," and Carol Serkes are Realtors with the RE/MAX Real Estate network.

Ira & Carol offer professional real estate services in Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, & El Cerrito in San Francisco's East Bay, and free referrals to other outstanding Realtors in the United States & Canada.

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