West Coast Live

1 Jun 96 Show

West Coast LIve - 1 Jun 96 Show

West Coast Live!

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Famous Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Diane Hidy & Associate

house pianist

Diane Hidy & Bryce


Diane Hidy

Martin Cruz-Smith

author "Rose" "Gorky Park" "Red Square"

Martin Cruz-Smith 1

Martin Cruz-Smith 2

Marga Gomez


Marga Gomez

John Gorka with Lucy Kaplansky

sings of life, love, & other humorous observations

Lucy Kaplansky

John Gorka

John Gorka with Lucy Kaplansky 1

John Gorka with Lucy Kaplansky 2

John Gorka with Lucy Kaplansky 3

Henry & The Sedge

Henry Odysseius S.F. Thomson climbing the Giant, Hirsute Sedge

William Kennedy

author "The Flaming Corsage" "Ironweed"

William Kennedy 1

William Kennedy 2

Weslia Whitfield and Mike Greensill with Michael Morre, bass

cabaret duo

Weslia Whitfield 1

Weslia Whitfield 2

Weslia Whitfield 3

Mike Greensill

Weslia Whitfield & Michael Moore

Michael Moore 1

Michael Moore 2

Jayson Wechter & Jon Carroll

Detective & San Francisco Columnist

San Francisco's Great City-Wide Treasure Hunt

Jayson Wechter & Jon Carroll 1

Jayson Wechter & Jon Carroll 2

Jayson Wechter's Magnifying Glass

Jayson Wechter

An Audience Member

Carol Serkes

West Coast Live

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