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TOPS - Thousand Oaks Park Society

Changes in Thousand Oaks Park

Creek Restoration Begins - Park Society Formed

On August 17, work began on the restoration of Blackberry Creek in Thousand Oaks Park. If you go to Tacoma Avenue, you can watch the project's daily progress.

Already, the shape of the new park has emerged, with the once culverted creek now running in a deep bed across the south side of the site. The old tot lot in the park had to be destroyed to make way for the creek. In the northeast corner, you can see the big graded circle where the new tot lot will go.

On August 22, park neighbors formed the Thousand Oaks Park Society--TOPS. TOPS is an official City of Berkeley Adopt a Park group. Its members are people who care about the park and want to work together on park-related projects. TOPS' first meeting will be on September 27 at 7 pm in the library of the Thousand Oaks Baptist Church (Enter on Catalina above Colusa)

The group's first major goal is to raise the $20,000 plus needed to buy and install equipment for a new tot lot, as the equipment from the old tot lot was not reusable. TOPS will also be organizing volunteers who would like to work on the tot lot and other park amenities. All donations to TOPS are tax-deductible. For more information, call 528-8345 or 526-5888.

The TOPS Web Page, part of the Thousand Oaks Web Site, is maintained by residents and neighborhood Realtors Ira & Carol Serkes.

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