Thousand Oaks Neighborhood Association

North Berkeley

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TONA Board of Directors

G.J. Stillson MacDonnell 525-6874 
Richard Thomason         524-3724
  Vice President
Elizabeth  Sklut         527-5512
Jim Bonsey               526-8969
Zelda  Bronstein         528-8345
Helen Burke              527-0176
Cynthia  Campbell        527-8639
Lu  Charlotte            525-6495
  Director Emeritus
Mark  Gorrell            525-3048
David Strachan           526-4058
Linda Tong               524-5544
Heinz Weber              526-4741

Use your envelope to send TONA your dues:
TONA Membership Form
Dues per year: 
$2 Senior, $3 Single, $5 Family
Send dues to:  TONA
P.O. Box 7572, Berkeley, CA 94707




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