TONA - Thousand Oaks Neighborhood Association, North Berkeley

TONA Meeting Thu 29 Jan 98 at 7:30 PM
Thousand Oaks Baptist Church (Catalina Street entrance)

We Dig For Progress
Solano Avenue Improvements
Work will begin soon on a major sewer replacement along Solano Avenue.

Letter from Councilmember Diane Wooley

Blue Print
Thousand Oaks School Update
Remarkable - Color Rendered Images of the new Thousand Oaks School. Renderings used with the kind permission of the architects, Muller & Caulfield
No Parking - Fire Lane
Berkeley Neighborhood Transportation Plan
Speed Humps and Red Zones
Some streets are difficult for Fire Engines to navigate, so the City of Berkeley is proposing additional No Parking zones.

Will there be a No Parking Zone on your street? Here's the map and street list

The Oaks Theater
The operator of The Oaks Theater reported that he has been unable to get popular movies from the distributors, and has lost a lot of money over the years. "The Oaks Theater, an historic building and one of our last neighborhood movie theaters, is in trouble... the operator would like to get out of the movie business"

Letter from Councilmember Diane Wooley

The January 1998 Newsletter

TONA Board of Directors
G.J. Stillson MacDonnell 525-6874 
Richard Thomason         524-3724
  Vice President
Linda Tong               524-5544
Warren Keller 	   	 524-0571
Zelda  Bronstein         528-8345
Lu  Charlotte            525-6495
Mark  Gorrell            525-3048
Elizabeth  Sklut         527-5512
David Strachan           526-4058
Heinz Weber              526-4741
Paige Poulos Wooley      528-4627

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TONA Membership Form
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$4 Senior, $6 Single, $10 Family
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TONA, P.O. Box 7572, Berkeley, CA 94707




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