Ira & Carol Serkes' Favorite East Bay Restaurants

My mom laughs when I tell her that I'll bring her bagels and a Rye Bread when I visit her in The Bronx. That's because she can't get it there any more. I remember buying a rye bread, with seeds (always with seeds) sliced at the Snowflake Bakery on White Plains Road... and it would be half gone before I got home!

I love breads (perhaps that's why I once weighed 50 pounds less) and Berkeley has some of the finest bakeries I've ever seen. Hope you enjoy them too.

Here are some of our favorite East Bay restaurants and delis, along with some excellent restaurant guides for you to use: Restaurants in Berkeley and the Bay Area Restaurant Guide.

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Our Favorite Restaurants
Coffee & Espresso
Cafe Fanny 1603 San Pablo Ave Berkeley 94702 510-524-5447
Fannys Cafe 1603 San Pablo Ave Berkeley 94702 510-524-5447
Peets Coffee & Tea 2916 Domingo Ave Berkeley 94705 510-843-1434
Espresso Roma 2960 College Ave Berkeley 94705 510-644-3773
Cafe Crayon 1309 Solano Ave Albany 94706 510-527-4475
Espresso Roma 1549 Hopkins St Berkeley 94707 510-528-8010
Cafe Del Sol 1742 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-525-4927
Starbucks Coffee Berkeley 1799 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-525-5885
Peets Coffee & Tea 1825 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-526-9607
Inn Kensington 293 Arlington Ave Kensington 94707 510-527-5919
Peets Coffee & Tea 2124 Vine St Berkeley 94709 510-841-0564
Breads & Bagels
Grace Baking 5655 College Ave Oakland 94608 510-428-2662
Acme Bread Co 1601 San Pablo Ave Berkeley 94702 510-524-1327
Noahs New York Bagels 2344 Telegraph Ave Berkeley 94704 510-849-9951
Bread Garden 2912 Domingo Ave Berkeley 94705 510-548-3122
Noah's New York Bagels 3170 College Ave Berkeley 94705 510-654-0944
Grace Baking 1127 Solano Ave Albany 94706 510-525-0953
Brothers Bagels 1281 Gilman St Berkeley 94706 510-524-3104
Berkeley Bakery 1585 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-527-2253
Noah's New York Bagels 1883 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-525-4447
Semifreddis 372 Colusa Ave Kensington 94707 510-596-9935
Fatapples Restaurant & Bakery 7525 Fairmount Ave El Cerrito 94530 510-528-3433
Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers 4162 Piedmont Ave Oakland 94611 510-655-7180
Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers 5819 College Ave Oakland 94618 510-601-0444
Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers 1591 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-526-8185
Fatapples Restaurant & Bakery 1346 Martin Luther King Jr Way Berkeley 94709 510-526-2260
Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers 1600 Shattuck Ave at Cedar Berkeley 94709
Hot Dogs
Top Dog 5100 Broadway Oakland 94608 510-601-1187
Top Dog 6112 La Salle Ave Oakland 94611 510-339-0304
Top Dog 2532 Durant Ave Berkeley 94704 510-843-7250
Top Dog 2503 Hearst Ave Berkeley 94709 510-843-1241
Genova Deli Telegraph & 50th Oakland 94601 510-652-7401
Mangia Mangia 755 San Pablo Ave Albany 94706 510-526-9700
Chevy's Mexican Restaurant 6 El Cerrito Plaza El Cerrito 94530 510-526-2551
Picante Mexican Restaurant 1328 6th St Berkeley 94710 510-525-3121
Zachary's Chicago Pizza 5801 College Ave Oakland 94618 510-655-6385
Arinell Pizza 2109 Shattuck Ave Berkeley 94704 510-841-4035
Giovannis 2420 Shattuck Ave Berkeley 94704 510-843-6678
Cugini Wood Baked Pizza 1556 Solano Ave Albany 94706 510-558-9000
Zachary's Chicago Pizza 1853 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-525-5950
Lococo's Restaurant & Pizzaria 1400 Shattuck Ave Berkeley 94709 510-843-3745
Cheese Board 1512 Shattuck Ave Berkeley 94709 510-549-3055
Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine 1736 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-527-8611
Boran Thai Rest 1892 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-525-3625
Vietnamese, Cambodian & Chinese
Le Cheval 1007 Clay St Oakland 94607 510-763-8495
Danang Vietnam Restaurant Thai 905 San Pablo Ave Albany 94706 510-524-6837
The Cambodiana 2156 University Ave Berkeley 94704 510-843-4630
Sun Hong Kong Restaurant 91 Shattuck Square Berkeley 94704 510-841-2288
Miscellaneous Restaurants
Nantucket Restaurant 501 Port Crockett 94525 510-787-2233
Lalimes Cafe 1329 Gilman St Berkeley 94706 510-527-9838
Rivoli's Restaurant 1539 Solano Ave Berkeley 94707 510-526-2542
Cafe Select 1568 Oakview Ave Kensington 94707 510-525-1350
Shai's Deli 269 Arlington Ave Kensington 94707 510-525-2757
Inn Kensington 293 Arlington Ave Kensington 94707 510-527-5919
Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen 1475 Shattuck Ave Berkeley 94709 510-848-3354
Cafe De Ia Paz 1600 Shattuck Ave Berkeley 94709 510-843-0662
Skates On The Bay 100 Seawall Dr Berkeley 94710 510-549-1900
Chez Panisse 1517 Shattuck Ave Berkeley B 510-548-5049
Emery Bay Public Market 5800 Shellmound St Emeryville 94608 510-652-9300
The Albatross Pub 1822 San Pablo Ave Berkeley 94702 510-849-4714
The Pub 1492 Solano Ave Albany 94706 510-525-1900
Kensington Circus 389 Colusa Ave Kensington 94707 510-524-8814
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