Berkeley's Claremont Neighborhood
This lovely neighborhood, just east of Elmwood and west of the Claremont Hotel, has the grandest and most expensive homes in Berkeley.

Claremont has two little shopping sections.

Claremont and The Uplands is home to Afikomen Jewish Books, Semifreddi's Bakery (the flagship store is in Kensington), Star Market, Jutta's Flowers (a beautiful flower store), and The Craftsman Home, a store specializing in fine oak and craftsman furniture.

Many of our friends and clients have stayed just up the street at Mary's B&B. Be sure to say hi to Mary, and tell her that Ira & Carol Serkes recommended you stay with her.

The other shopping street, with Peet's Coffee and the Bread Garden is Domingo Avenue, just across from the Claremont Hotel.

The key route trains commuter trains once ran as far as the luxury Claremont Hotel. Though I'm not sure of it, I think they ended up right between the tennis courts.

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Map Of Claremont Neighborhood, Berkeley

Berkeley's Claremont Neighborhood

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Star Grocery

Star Grocery

Uplands & Claremont

Uplands & Claremont

Jutta's Flowers

Jutta's Flowers

Afikomen Jewish Books 3042 Claremont Ave Berkeley 94705 510-655-1977
Dark Carnival Science Fiction 3086 Claremont Ave Berkeley 94705 510-654-7323
Claremont Hotel, Resort & Spa Ashby & Domingo Oakland 94609 510-843-3000
Bed & Breakfast
Mary's B&B 262 Hillcrest Rd Berkeley 94705 510-654-0648
Judah L Magnes Jewish Museum 2911 Russell St Berkeley 94705 510-549-6950
Cafes & Restaurants
Bread Garden 2912 Domingo Ave Berkeley 94705 510-548-3122
Peets Coffee & Tea 2916 Domingo Ave Berkeley 94705 510-843-1434
The Craftsman Home 3048 Claremont Ave Berkeley 94705 510-655-6503
Jutta's Flowers 3078 Claremont Ave Berkeley 94705 510-547-2293

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